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When it is necessary to Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Florida

When you have sustained a work-related injury or injuries, and a dispute arises with the employer's insurance company, it is prudent to find an experienced workers compensation attorney Florida. You will need to challenge the position taken by the insurance company, and this would include collecting evidence and having knowledge of the due law processes – that is where the lawyer comes in.

Here are some of the instances when hiring a Florida workers compensation attorney will be necessary:

Your workers compensation claim has been denied

The insurance company will always try to find reasons to deny your claim. They might want to prove that your injury is not work-related or that the claim was filed too late to be considered. When this happens, you are allowed to appeal the denial and go through the entire local process from preparations to hearing to trial if it gets that far. That is where your workers compensation attorney Florida comes in. Their negotiation skills will be needed when the insurance company chooses to settle.

You need to undergo an expensive treatment

When the injury requires that you undergo a costly treatment procedure such as surgery, the insurance company will more certainly be reluctant to approve the needed papers. However, with the help of a skilled Florida workers compensation lawyer, you will pressure them to work on financing your medical expenses on time.

Your working ability has been adversely affected

Sometimes the work-related injury makes it impossible for you to work again. It will be smart to fight for the maximum benefits and have it serve you well into the future. This would require a lot proving and other legal procedures that only skilled and experienced worker compensation lawyers in Florida can do. Better yet, you could begin a new career or business to support you after parting ways with your first job.

You are having a hearing of your workers compensation case

You may need to prove your case when the insurance company refuses to settle or offers small settlements. You will need to choose one of the best Florida workers comp lawyers to represent you during the hearing as well as offer the best legal advice. It will even be better if you found an experienced one.

You can count on the worker compensation lawyers in Florida from the Dickstein Law Firm. We take pride in helping many people secure the maximum benefits, and we will do the same for you. Our extensive knowledge and experience in work comp cases make us one of the best to work with. You can call us today at +1.954.893.8000 to schedule a free consultation.

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