uninsured/ underinsured insurance why it's essential to have!

Hit and run drivers are the norm on our South Florida roads.  A crash where no one is held accountable due to a hit and run is bad enough, but when you can’t afford to obtain the necessary care to assist you in your recovery, or when your injuries prevent you from returning to work, that’s when uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist (UM) kicks in.  Your UM policy stands in the shoes of the phantom driver that crashed into your vehicle.  A UM policy also covers you when your are involved in an acciden where the “at fault” party has no bodily injury coverage or an insufficient amount to cover your losses.

The Sun Sentinel reported that the driver of a  Ferrari fled a wreck on I-75 that seriously injured another driver.  There is not much we can do to prevent these selfish immoral acts.  That’s why UM insurance is probably the MOST IMPORTANT insurance policy you should invest in.

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, the odds are great that the person who causes an accident may be opperating a vehicle without the financial ability to pay for whatever is necessary to return you to your pre-accident level.  Protect yourself.  Talk to your insurance agent about investing in a UM policy today.

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