Attorneys are only as Good as Clients Allow Us to Be

Before a client retains my services, I explain that they are the eyes and ears of their case and where it goes.  I am their mouthpiece.  So it is essential that the eyes, ears and mouth work together. It is a simple rule.  Tell your attorney what is going on with your medical care, your work, your complaints, difficulties with your activities of daily living and day-to-day events that may have an impact on your case, and let me be your spokesperson.  I do not want you discussing these issues with claims adjusters or anyone for that matter other than me and your doctor (only regarding your complaints and medical condition so he/she can treat you appropriately).  I will discuss these issues on your behalf; and your main job is to comply with your doctors’ recommendations and my legal recommendations, while recovering from your injuries.

Tips to Help You While Represented

Email your attorney with any and all updates concerning your condition; including doctors' reports, prescriptions and medical status.

Don’t keep medical statements and bills in a folder and wait months to get them to your attorney.  We want it as soon as you receive it. It only hurts your case if you are the only one who has it.

Don’t set an appointment with the attorney without telling the scheduling coordinator what questions or issues you want to address at the meeting.

The law firm, not just the attorney, represents your interests as well.  If the attorney needs to wait until the appointment to know what problems you have; it is going to take that much longer to get an answer for you or resolve the matter.  Let the person setting the appointment know what you need or send it in an email as soon as possible.  That way, we can work on your issue and try to have an answer for you at the time of your appointment.

All of these tips will get you more involved in your case and keep your attorney armed with the most up to date information.  Keeping your eyes and ears in touch with your mouthpiece at all

Tips to help you while represented

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