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Personal Injury Lawyer Weston, FL

The personal injury law provides that an injured plaintiff be compensated following another person's negligent or intentional cause of harm. Various situations can lead to the birth of a personal injury case, and it is worth noting that not all instances of injuries are necessarily liability. It is advisable to hire a specialized personal injury attorney Weston FL to handle your personal injury cases to maximize the compensations.

Here are some of the cases that fall under the personal injury category.

Car Accidents

This is one of the leading causes of personal injury cases in the country. In the event of an accident, there is always a party that didn't follow the rules of the road as it should be the case. This means that there is someone to be held financially responsible for the injuries that result from the accident. In most cases, it is the careless driver. Since state laws for road accidents are technical, an individual would require an experienced personal injury attorney Weston to represent them in court.

Slip and Fall

Property owners who rent them to other users have a legal responsibility to ensure that such premises are safe for stay and use, and free from hazards that can cause injury. Slip and fall cases arise from accidents that happen in such rented properties making it one of the most common types of personal injury cases a personal injury lawyer Weston handles.

Medical Malpractice

A patient that suffers injury when a doctor or any other medical practitioner fails to provide safe and skilled medical care has the right to get compensation. Such cases are among the most complex personal injury cases, and experts recommend that you seek the services of an experienced Weston personal injury lawyer to guide you through the entire case.

Intentional Torts

The main difference between this type of personal injury claim and the others is the fact that its cause is intentional rather than accidental. Such torts include battery and assaults, and in most instances, the perpetrators are considered criminals and face criminal charges. In addition to that, the victims can file a personal injury claim and use the services of a specialized Weston personal injury attorney to get compensation.

Dog Bites

The owners of a dog are usually financially responsible for all injuries caused by the dog including bites. In Florida, the dog bite statute provides that the owner of a dog will be liable for compensation should the dog bite another person, and when the person bit was in a public place or rightfully in a private place. Other injuries may require enough evidence to show negligence on the part of the owner. Also, the dog bite case is strict, and only the competent Weston personal injury lawyers can adequately represent you in court.