how to choose the right accident attorney

The accident attorney you retain to represent you in a car accident, slip and fall, or any other case you want to pursue against another person or entity due to their actions or inactions which have caused your injuries should not be taken lightly. The same applies to the lawyer deciding whether they want to take your case.

All accident attorneys are required to use the same contract which sets forth the contingency fee arrangement ruled on by The Florida Supreme Court, so please don't expect to go to different accident law firms looking to see who has the best deal or shop around. The terms and conditions are contractually the same under most circumstances, but some contracts may be negotiated; depending on the value of the claim.
When hiring an accident attorney, customer service is the number one thing to consider. This begins when you first call the law firm and speak with the receptionist. You want to make sure they ask basic questions of who you are and what happened to you to cause the injury. This information is needed to get to the next phase which may or may not require a brief telephone interview with a paralegal or an attorney to determine if your case is worth pursuing. As the victim, you may consider your claim worthwhile. However, law firms are looking for specific information to determine whether a case can move forward and be resolved. You should appreciate firms that take the time to ask you appropriate questions prior to an unnecessary trip to their law office on a case that may have no value.
After the initial telephone interview, it is extremely important that you have an opportunity to meet the attorney that will be representing you on your claim. The accident attorney may interview you after he or she reviews the intake documents and any other material you bring to the interview. You should be hesitant to retain a law firm where you have not met the assigned lawyer representing you in your accident claim.
At the time you meet your representing accident attorney, you should get all of your questions answered about your claim. Don't expect the attorney to tell you what your case is worth when first meeting them; especially when your accident may have occurred within the month. There are too many unknown variables to consider when providing a client any worthwhile information about the value of a case. No one knows the extent of your injuries, insurance coverage information, liability or what future care and/or lost wages you may have. If the accident attorney gives you answers with specific amounts at this time, you are probably dealing with an attorney that is telling you information you want to hear, rather than information that is honest and truthful.
Another thing to consider is how much access you have to your accident attorney. Telephone conferences and office appointments should be scheduled when requested. Accident attorneys' time and service are their tools. They resolve cases at meetings, telephone conferences and other appointments. When a meeting is set between an attorney and client, it is of the utmost importance to attend or call beforehand to reschedule if you cannot make it. This is common courtesy and allows the attorney the opportunity to rearrange their schedule to work on other cases as well as your own.
The key to a successful relationship between an attorney and client is a truthful exchange of information. The facts are the facts, and whatever the outcome may be; you have to apply those facts to the specific laws that apply to your case. This determines whether you have a valid claim. This means that the client must provide a full, detailed history of past injuries, accidents and law suits, as well as anything else the attorney needs to properly analyze your claim. Nothing should be hidden from your attorney.
Mark D. Dickstein is Managing Partner for The Dickstein Law Firm. The Dickstein Law Firm, a victim advocacy firm, represents clients involved in personal injury lawsuits, wrongful death claims, automobile accidents, product liability cases, workers' compensation claims, retaliatory discharge lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, slip and fall injuries, property loss disputes, hurricane damage losses and music business law agreements and disputes. To learn more, please visit the law firm's website at

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