There are thousands of boating accidents in the United States resulting in serious or fatal injures every year.  Boat accident involving powerboats are the most common, but any water vessel can be involved in the accident.  No matter what type of boating accident you are in, the steps afterwards will be crucial to ensuring proper compensation.

Boating Accidents

The Dickstein Law Firm is here to help victims of these accidents be made whole and get maximum compensation for their losses.

If you are able, immediately following an accident, you should contact the Coast Guard to report it.

The Coast Guard will send emergency personnel to the scene to provide medical services and assess the situation.  You are required to contact the Coast Guard following a boating accident in which injury or death has occurred.  The Coast Guard must also be notified if a vessel has been completely destroyed or if you estimate more than $2,000 in property damage.

While waiting for the Coast Guard, you should begin gathering information.  Try to obtain the name, contact information and insurance information of any other boaters involved in the accident.  Try to also gather contact information from passengers and witnesses to the accident.  Do not admit fault to anyone you to talk to following your accident.

As soon as possible, you will want to notify your insurance company; where you will be provided a claim number; which identifies any claim for benefits you may have and, contact The Dickstein Law Firm to assist you with all the legal matters you will have from this incident.

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